Product Lab Testing In China – Important Things To Know

Product Lab Testing In China – Important Things To Know

Lab testing for products is necessary for every manufacturing industry, especially if you are planning or importing from other countries. It is mandatory. It will ensure goods are safe and also compliant with all regulations and policies.

Importing non-compliant products will cause severe damage to your reputation as well as to your pocket. Moreover, it is illegal, and authorities can forfeit your cargo. You can learn about the phase of lab testing when a new medicine or vaccine is being developed, on this website:

If you want to avoid these situations, lab testing in China is inevitable thing.

Why is lab testing required?

In China and all other countries, there are several regulations and safety standards to maintain. For example, CPSIA regulates al children’s products imported from the USA. As per this, the importer has to produce a valid test report from an accredited third-party inspection company.

If you provide the test report to the authorities, it will become a complaint, and you will not face any issue to proceed with the next steps. However, obtaining the lab test report is not mandatory for many products, and you can choose not to conduct lab tests.

Why Imports opt for lab tests even it is not mandatory?

After knowing it is not mandatory to conduct lab tests for all products, you might wonder why the importers are going behind the third party inspection companies to get the lab reports.

The first and foremost thing is the product should be a complaint product. There is no other way to check whether it is compliant or not without the lab test. The non-compliant products can go through customs, but later on, it will become an issue.

Once authorities found it is non-compliant, then it will lead to a forced recall. If this happens, then it is a disaster no one would want to go through. Especially if it is a small business, the loss will be unbearable.

And major online platforms such as Amazon and other retailers paying more attention to safety standards. And they require extensive compliance documents from their sellers and suppliers.

Failing to provide valid certificates, then it may result in your product listing being suspended, or it may cause failure to sell the products at all.

Why suppliers unable to make lab tests for you?

There are two important reasons for this, one they lack the expertise, and it is expensive. If they do this, they can’t quote less for their products. Even if your experts have the knowledge and provide the lab report for you, you can’t able to trust the supplier. There could be chances of distorted facts.

Hence, if you hire an accredited company, you are sure with the credibility of the report. You can submit that to any authorities without a slightest of doubt.

There are a considerable number of lab reports as per the regulations and your products. But you know need to worry about those details because TPI company knows what is required for your firm and they will advise you on that. So, lab testing in China is not only for regulatory needs but also for the worry-free transactions.

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