3 Ways To Save Money When Planning A Move

Save Money When Planning A Move

If you are planning to move across town or across the country saving money is always a good idea. We need to save money whenever we do anything huge like a move, buying new furniture, or electronics. That doesn’t mean we need to cut corners or go cheap. It just means to do some homework. We will talk about some different ways that you can pinch pennies when moving. Your situation is unique but these helpful ideas will lead you to save a penny or two. We will make it simple and with just a few clicks you will be on your way to your new digs and some money in your pocket to decorate.

#3 Using a Moving Company

A moving company can be expensive. However, if you are moving across the country it may save a dime or two. Allied Movers or moving overseas is a tremendous task and moving companies will actually bid for your business if you tell them you have a company that will do it cheaper and better than what they offered. A few moving companies offer price matches. Holding them to it is easy if you have a copy of the add or they can verify the price themselves. Haggling a company can be risky though, as they may just say oh ok whatever and you are left with only one company to deal with. Most moving companies offer free quotes so you can pick and choose and then finagle with your choice.

#2 Set Up A Budget

Setting up a budget is an easy way to save money during a move. Keeping to it is of utmost importance. Designating money for everything from packing tape to food for the people who help is going to save a bundle because you have set aside certain amounts for each thing. Doing a great deal on your own especially saves money as you are only going to pay someone for stuff you can’t do by yourself. Asking around at liquor stores for boxes so you don’t pay for them is another great super saver idea. So if one doesn’t cost as much as designated, then that money will go toward the next thing and so on. My goal was to scrimp on stuff and save for the reward of a pizza party after the move!

#1 Ask For Volunteers

This has got to be my all-time favorite way to save money during a move. There are all kinds of resources to look into. Especially now with social media. The list is endless on how to find groups that offer community service for young individuals who just want to do something. A simple search will bring up multiple youth groups or church youth groups with information on how to get them to come out to do a job charging little to no money to do it.

Being organized and eliminating stuff in your collections is also a way to save money because you don’t have so much to move. Also, selling stuff of value you no longer need or have a use for is a great way to make money to spend on moving. Moving sales in the offseason are well received by the collectors and avid penny pincher. You can make a bundle off of dishes, clothing, and old magazines that you no longer wear or use. There are so many ways to save when moving that we can’t begin to talk about all of them here. These are just a few of the best ways that can be your start to planning your move. Use all the methods you can find to save money. Your pocketbook will thank you and so will the people who help you when you are all enjoying a big pizza feed!

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