Sagittarius Daily Horoscope and Its Importance

About Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius daily horoscope is your daily dose of spiritual report concerning your present day. It tells you about how a particular instance in your life will pan out, either positively or negatively. It tells you of nature of a particular occurrence to unfold in your daily life. Moreover, Sagittarius-born people can have a better understanding of an auspicious time with the help of daily horoscope so that commencing an activity or a priority results in fruitful outcome later. Team PavitraJyotish spares no pains in supplying you factual and accurate daily report based on planetary transits and status of celestial bodies in your horoscope or kundali.

How does Sagittarius daily horoscope help you? Well, it offers remedial solutions for a particular malefic occurrence like negative planetary transit and its negative effects on your daily life. Plus, it tells you of an auspicious time in which you are advised to carry out your preplanned task.

Let’s discuss Sagittarius zodiac sign in the following paragraphs before we move ahead with its characteristics.

About Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in zodiac family of 12 members. It traverses 240–270th degrees of the zodiac. This zodiac sign has a fiery energy, considering transiting of various planets through it. Centaur or The Archer is symbolic gesture of this sign. It is ruled by Jupiter; a planet of luck, wisdom, and expansion. This sign is also constituent of padas of following Nakshatras, such as Mula Nakshatras (full padas), Uttarashada Nakshatra (first pada), and Purvashada Nakshatra (first pada). This is a fixed-natured sign having dry, dual, positive and masculine individuality. It also signifies philosophical rule of higher learning and deeper aspects of life. Though there is no sign of any planet getting exalted or debilitated here but opinions of few astrologers suggest that planet Ketu gets exalted and Rahu gets debilitated here.

Characteristics of Sagittarius natives

  • Natives of this sign love to travel a lot, particularly for spiritual quest to find the meaning of life.
  • They are optimistic, passionate and extrovert, and are quite open to changes.
  • They are goal-driven people with the ability to transform their thoughts into practical actions to achieve their set objectives.
  • Due to fiery sign, the natives are typically of fearless quality and daringly ambitious, aspiring and forward-looking, with great self-confidence to easily handle adverse conditions.
  • Because of masculine nature, the natives are usually frank in expressing their thoughts. They endear to their principle and stick to it forever. They hate untruthful words/statements.
  • They cultivate friendship with foreigners, are theist.
  • Lordship of 9th and 10th house makes the natives of great retentive power, sharp-minded, and good at embracing new ideas.


Sagittarius daily horoscope and its importance is that it offers you factual and correct astrological report surrounding your zodiac sign. Comprehensive suggestions, recommendations and solutions are also offered based on the nature of your daily horoscope and planetary transits, among other astrological factors to give you best Sagittarius today horoscope predictions. Consult our team of astrologers today and get the most appropriate and dependable astrological solutions for your daily horoscope.


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