Is It Okay to Monitor Your Teen’s Digital Behavior? Find Out

Should parents monitor their teen’s digital behaviour? Or should they not? This is an ongoing debate where two different schools of thought exist. On the one hand, parents think it is vital to monitor their kid’s online activity. Whereas, some parents think it is not a good idea to monitor their kid’s digital activity.

So what is the right thing to do? Several mobile spy apps are being used by parents who want to keep track of their kid’s digital activities. With the help of those apps, they can monitor their kid’s online behaviour and see what they have been doing on the internet lately.

These apps coupled with inbuilt parental control features help parents monitor their kid’s internet browsing, their social media accounts, text messages, emails, phone calls, as well as their whereabouts. Some parents give immense credit to these monitoring apps because they have made digital parenting a lot easier for them.

However, there are some parents who are completely against using these monitoring apps. They have their own reasons for not using the monitoring apps and think they are illegal. In this post, we will talk about whether or not parents should monitor their teen’s digital behaviour.

Why Should Parents Monitor Their Kid’s Online Activity?

First, let us talk about all the reasons why parents should consider monitoring their teen’s online behaviour. They need to keep in mind that it is extremely important to monitor their kid’s online activity and also be prepared to discuss with them about all the things, both good and bad, that they may see on the internet.

With the proliferation of electronic devices, easy and quick access to the internet, and the popularity of social media platforms it can be quite challenging to keep track of your kid’s online activities, especially for a busy parent who is working full time.

Teens get highly influenced by anything that they come across online. They can watch a video and get inspired by it so much so that they would want to try something of the same sort. Some kids follow outrageous YouTube accounts that post thrilling videos and inspire the young audience to try and imitate those acts.

Some videos contain inappropriate content that may not be suitable for teens to watch. On the other hand, teens can have social media accounts that their parents are not even aware of. They engage with sexual predators, fall into their sweet talks, and become friends with them.

The predators, after gaining a kid’s confidence and trust, demand inappropriate pictures and videos from them. Later, they sell the content to the dark internet for a good price or blackmail the kid and his families.

Cyberbullying is another reason why parents should monitor their kid’s digital activity. It is normal for kids to receive threatening, harassing, and hurtful comments by someone online. Social media and gaming platforms are the places where cyberbullying is most prevalent. To prevent cyberbullying, you must talk to your kid about how to tackle it.

Also, if your kid is shy and finds it hard to open up with you, you can monitor their digital interactions to find out whether or not someone is trying to bully them. Besides pedophilia and cyberbullying, sexting and pornography have also become quite common on the internet.

These two online dangers are harmful to your kid’s mental health as they can make your kids become addicted to them. You need to stop your kid from watching inappropriate videos and engaging in inappropriate chats and you can only do that if you first monitor their digital activity.

Monitoring teen’s online activity protects them from internet dangers that are harmful to their overall wellbeing. You can use a reliable and trustworthy mobile spy app to monitor your kid’s online activity on their digital devices.

Why Do Some Parents Think Monitoring is Not a Good Idea?

There is another school of thought that many parents follow and that is they should not monitor their kid’s online activity. For them, monitoring a kid’s digital behaviour is not a good idea. They believe they should not regularly monitor what their kids are doing online.

They should avoid monitoring their social media accounts, reading their text messages and emails, using a monitoring app to monitor their kid’s online browsing or tracking their location. They also believe that they should not expect their kids to give them the passwords to their social media profiles and email accounts.

Some parents think that kids must be taught to manage their own online presence. They should know what to share, comment, download, post, and what not to share, comment, download, and post. Parents should only be responsible for teaching kids how to become good digital citizens. They should make their kids learn how to use the internet safely and wisely.

These parents also think that spying on their kid’s online activity is not going to protect them from online dangers. In fact, monitoring can lead to a host of unwanted repercussions such as creating mutual distrust between parents and children. Once kids know that their online activity is being monitored by their parents, they will become more secretive about it and learn new ways to use the internet secretly.

Some parents think that by monitoring their kid’s online behaviour they are invading their privacy. They can surely seek help from technology but they pay more attention towards building an open and honest relationship with their kids so they can reach out to them if they experience anything inappropriate online.

While both schools of thought do have some valid points, we certainly believe that it is a good idea to monitor kid’s online activity. You can monitor your kid’s online activity by not offending them. Tell your kids why you are going to use a monitoring app to monitor their online activity. Give them reasons for using one. Once they understand those reasons, you can easily monitor their online activities without upsetting them.

Also, we would suggest you not to monitor your kid’s online activity without them knowing. Tell them all about it and see what happens. Your kids would understand you and also let you monitor their digital behaviour without creating any problem for you.


All you need to know about digital ocean cloud services!

When something needs to be done in a hurry and you need to be quick about it, what can you do? Some machine systems such as Digital ocean cloud can come to your help.

What is digital ocean cloud?

A cloud is a machine that can serve you data within minutes. One such cloud service which is well known is the digital ocean which is offering fast machines in rather reasonable prices. If you are a developer who has ideas and need a place to use them, the blank slates of these machines are a great option.

Today, there are many ways to allow your business to grow by means of benefiting from the latest cutting edge technologies. One such latest iteration is Managed cloud which is of the IT service delivery. This allows to gain more benefit without investing too much.

Managed cloud services

Managed cloud services can be of a great help to the business which want to get most of the power of cloud computing with ease. For this purpose managed cloud service providers will take over this task for you. Their engineers will manage important tasks such as the customer’s storage, computing, networks, operating systems and other more complex applications and tools such as ecommerce platforms, the latest databases and much more.

Where to find the best cloud hosting seller?

Among the many services that provide managed digital ocean cloud solutions include Temok which help you get rid of your worries about the technical aspects. They help you manage and deploy cloud servers hence freeing you from the worries of technology.

Managed Digitalocean cloud solution benefits

How does making use of digital cloud ocean benefit the users? How does it help and support your business. Here is exactly how. Like many other digital ocean providers, Temok also provides several benefits to its users.

  1. Active surveillance for 24/7
  2. Constant checking
  3. Rapid responses
  4. Light and fast response
  5. Providing reports on monthly basis
  6. Detailed and comprehensive management
  7. Team support available 24/7
  8. Proper planning

Latest cloud hosting trends in 2020

In 2020, there are some cloud hosting trends that have come to the top. These include:

  • Serverless computers
  • Quantum computing
  • Omni-cloud
  • Digital natives
Business Technology

How Various Corporate Enterprises Tackle With Virtual Data Room Solutions

If you are dealing with highly confidential data concerning your company and bidders, and are looking for a secure repository for storing and sharing important documents, a virtual data room could prove to be the best solution. If your company is in the process of taking an important decision for a corporate deal, or considering a merger or acquisition that requires access to some crucial information, your company will inevitably have to carry out a due diligence phase. The benefits and ease of using the virtual data room have made it the most sought after data repository for most of the corporate houses as compared to the traditional physical rooms that were used earlier.

There are a lot of hassles in setting up a physical data room that requires a standardized location for ease of access and referencing by various companies and bidders. If you want to meet up with the clients for subsequent follow-ups, there will be unnecessary travel expenses incurred by your firm. The main benefit of an online repository like the virtual data room for your business is that it could exist as a secure internet portrait that could be accessed without difficulty by you, your employees, or business associates as and when required. As a result, your business could get an increased number of bidders as it will now be easy to execute transactions after all the required verification, without having to travel to the particular location. Also, your data that is stored in the virtual data room, is also accessible by authorized personnel 24/7 for a specific period of time that facilitates appropriate document work and information gathering before making big decisions.

One of the biggest advantages for your business if you have an online data room, is that you could organize the data quite easily. On the basis of classification under firms, locations, and other parameters, you could host the data files under special document categories. Since the vital data could be searched and recovered easily, it facilitates overall quick transactions. Thus, a virtual data room could actually play a vital role in ensuring that your most important deal is closed within the specific period of time.

Since your documents are extremely confidential and only authorized personnel should access it, there are innumerable security measures implemented in the VDR to ensure that everyone gets controlled access to the documents. In order to access the documents, the person would have to use login ids and passwords in order to view the specific documents and all the documents could me made available to see only for a pre-defined period of time before the deal takes place. This will help in preserving the sensitive data and save it from falling into the wrong hands. The strong security standards in the virtual data room will help in building a sense of trust and confidence among companies. Several businesses have their online websites like the that shares more information on selecting the right VDR for your business.

While selecting a VDR for your firm, you might come across several offers that are customized on the basis of your budget and the size and nature of the business. The key is to check the efficiency of the room in the storage and retrieval of large data sets while reviewing the different security policies for controlling access. The VDRs are extremely easy to set up and could be updated on a real time basis, as you could add more information into it. This is very crucial during bidding and the process of intelligence gathering, as you need to ensure that all the updated and important details are given in the documentation before the deal takes place. If you want to conduct a due diligence process and want a comprehensive data access portal, you definitely need the virtual data room.