Why is the Hard Drive an Important Component of a Computer?

Hard Drive

A computer consists of numerous components, out of which the CPU or the Central Processing Unit is the most important one. The CPU further comprises numerous internal components, each of which can be referred to as building blocks of the computer, i.e., every component has a specific function that facilitates the computer to function normally.

One such component is the hard drive. The hard drive is one of the most integral parts of a computer, without which a computer cannot operate. In this article, we will take a closer look at what a hard drive is and list numerous reasons why it is a crucial component. Let us dive right into it:

What is a Hard Drive?

A hard drive, also referred to as a hard disk drive, is a non-volatile device used for storing data, besides other purposes. It is installed internally in a computer’s CPU. The hard drive is connected directly to the motherboard’s disk controller. Even though hard disk drives are an old type of storage component, they are still used by many users. In fact, many individuals use external hard drives to store important data.

Internal hard drives are easily readable and writable. However, in the case of external hard drives, users often face the read-only issue, i.e., their device shows up as “read-only” on the computer, meaning that they cannot add or delete files to it. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to remove read-only disk drive permissions, each of which allows users to make edits to the hard drive’s data.

Although newer and faster forms of storage components are available, such as SSDs or Solid State Drives, hard disk drives are still used by millions of users all around the globe, thanks to the benefits they offer.

Why are Hard Drives Important?

The hard drive is one of the, if not the most crucial internal component present inside the CPU of any computer. It is important in multiple ways. Here is a detailed look at some of the most prominent ones:

  • It Facilitates Users to Boot and Use their Computers

As mentioned earlier, a computer’s CPU features many internal components, each of which contributes to the computer’s functioning in a specific way. However, there are certain components without which it is not possible for a computer to boot or start properly. The hard drive is one of them.

Even though there are ways following which individuals can boot their computers temporarily to access the BIOS settings, it is impossible to use the computers normally, i.e., for storing files, browsing the Internet, etc., without a hard drive. Only when a hard drive is properly installed and configured can users use their computers properly.

  • It Stores the Operating System’s Data

The operating system is the backbone of a computer. It is impossible for any individual to operate a computer without an operating system. Therefore, to get started with a new computer, individuals need to install the operating system. The hard drive is the component that facilitates users to do so, i.e., the storage component is where the operating system’s data is stored.

To install an operating system, individuals need to follow certain steps. Once the operating system is installed and configured, users can use their computers to perform any computational task they want without hassle.

  • It Houses Users’ Digital Files

Besides facilitating computers to boot up and store the operating system’s data, the hard drive is also used for storing different types of digital files such as pictures, audio clips, videos, documents, etc. Users can store different types of data on their computer’s hard drive. Besides storing, they can also arrange, delete, or share data without hassle.

The more spacious a hard drive is, the more data it can store. For instance, a hard drive featuring 1 TB of storage space can store double the amount of data than one having only 500 GB of storage space. Hence, users who wish to store and manage tons of digital files are advised to go for hard drives with larger storage capacities.

  • It Functions as the Storehouse of Applications and Programs

Besides storing digital files, hard drives also function as the storehouse for applications and programs. All major operating systems, including Windows and macOS, support a plethora of applications and programs, each of which allows users to perform specific tasks, such as photo or video editing, writing, viewing or editing documents, etc.

The hard drive allows users to install applications and facilitates them to function properly. Moreover, every application features its own set of files called app data, which the storage component also stores.

To conclude, hard drives are essential components that are crucial in more ways than one, as mentioned above. They are readily available in the market; thus, users looking for HDDs can easily get their hands on the required one without hassle.

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