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Voice Communication from the Comfort of Home

Smart homes packed with solutions which make our lives easier are becoming more and more popular. Recent reports from the construction market indicate that smart homes are slowly becoming the standard, so it’s worth finding out more about the most effective devices to control your house or apartment. What makes 2N devices stand out and why are they worth choosing?

Innovative technology and the highest design quality

2N produces smart home devices such as modern intercoms and handsets. They are based on the Android operating system, with which most people are familiar. A modern intercom in combination with a handset will allow you to see visitors in front of your door before you answer the door. The handset can become your home command center. The elegant and stylish touch display will allow you to remotely open the door, lower the blinds, control the temperature of the underfloor heating, and turns the lights on and off in your smart home. The 2N IP intercom with a hands-free answering is known for its reliability and high functionality. The intercom is equipped with a hidden HD camera which transmits the highest quality of video and sound. In addition, the camera includes a night mode, thanks to which your home will be safe at night. If any unexpected movement is detected at your door, a warning message will be sent. If the intruders decide to use force, the intercom will take a series of photos, send them immediately to your e-mail, and then thanks to connection with the alarm system it will notify the relevant services about the situation.

Safety, comfort and convenience

Solutions by 2N provide the highest level of security and comfort. A smart home equipped with modern intercoms and a touch control station takes over many tasks so that you have as much free time as possible, which you can devote to relaxing.

By choosing 2N devices you can be sure that your house or apartment will be have the maximum possible level of protection.