How to Choose a Yoga Mat

Choose a Yoga Mat

Want to start practising yoga? Start with first selecting a good-quality mat. But with mats available in so many sizes, materials, and shapes, how will you pick the best? Read this guide to find the answers.

No matter if you’re just starting yoga or have been practising it for several years, you’d surely need a good-quality mat for it. The popularity of yoga all over the world has reached to an extent where there are now hundreds of brands offering mats for yoga. Moreover, the manufacturers now offer mats in many different materials, sizes, shapes, and colours.

While it shouldn’t be challenging for you to pick a mat if you’ve already purchased one in the past, things can get confusing for first-time buyers. So, what are the things that you should look into when buying the mat? We’ve created a list of 5 of the most important factors-

  1. Thickness

Select the thickness based on your level of expertise in yoga. If you’re just a beginner, go for a thicker mat to protect yourself from any injuries. The options are more flexible for experienced yoga practitioners. Yoga is a way to get rid of stress and to have a better mindset. As far as the gym is concerned, there are quite a lot of benefits of doing yoga during the work out which you can read on the site This website is beneficial for getting information about yoga.

As a beginner, you can go for a ¼” mat thickness. If you’re an experienced yogi or someone who loves practising yoga anywhere and anytime, a mat with a thickness of about 1/16” can be a great choice.

  1. Material

Most of the mats are generally made from rubber or PVC to provide you with a better grip. For improved grip, some of the mats also feature a coating of polyurethane. However, these mats are not for people wanting to avoid chemicals or mat that smell.

You should also avoid rubber mats if you’re allergic to latex. Some of the manufacturers also offer mats made from natural materials like jute, natural cotton, and organic cotton.

  1. Texture

The mats texture determines the traction it provides. The surface of the mat has a significant impact on how you slide and slip on the mat. Moreover, as the texture also affects how the mat feels, it is also an essential component of how comfortable the mat is.

The texture of a mat mostly depends on the material from which it is made. As a result, the texture can be natural or manmade. You can find rough as well as smooth-textured mats to suit your requirements.

  1. Stickiness

Stickiness is a crucial factor when it comes to mats for yoga. Note that this stickiness is not that gooey, irritating type, but more of a suction that enables you to hold your yoga poses better and maintain accurate alignment. Depression can be cured with the right practice of Yoga. It accelerates the treatment process a lot and it is simple to learn. To learn about it visit our website

As compared to all the different mat materials, foam and PVC mats are known to offer the highest stickiness. However, you need to clean these mats regularly to experience their high stickiness. Rubber mats offer moderate stickiness, and the mats made from natural materials like jute and cotton do not offer any stickiness at all.

  1. Size and Design/Color

Most mats for yoga generally measure 24”x68”. However, you can also find shorter and longer mats. It is generally recommended that the mat should be at least 5”-6” longer than your height. When you lay down for savasana, your entire body should be on the mat.

As far as the design and colour of the yoga mat are concerned, select what suits you better. Mats are now available in every possible colour and designs. Pick one that suits your personality the best.

Be a Well-Equipped Yogi

These are the most important things that you should take into consideration when buying a mat for yoga. As you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with your mat, it is essential to spend some time understanding these factors before making a decision.

Once you’ve thoroughly understood all that goes into selecting that perfect mat for you, pick a reliable online store and go ahead with the purchase.