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We all recognize the logos of our favorite clothing brands, phones we use, vehicles we admire, or the food we eat. Some of them are complex while others are quite straightforward. We all know that for most brands, logos are an intelligent way to communicate with the audience about the product they are selling. What we don’t realize is the deeply rooted meaning hidden in the symbols. Handy uncovers a few of them and we bet you cannot help but feel awe at their significance.

The Logos

Given below are some famous brand logos with hidden meanings:

  1. Beats – The logo for beats is just a simple ‘b’ enclosed in a circle followed by the brand name. When you look closely, the circle represents the human head while the ‘b’ letterform represents the brand’s headphones. This is an intelligent way to allow the customer to see themselves in the headphones.
  2. Amazon – The online shopping supergiant Amazon is a name to reckon with for most other brands. Their logo speaks just that as the yellow arrow in the logo starts at the letter ‘a’ and ends at ‘z’, which indicates that it sells everything from a to z. The yellow arrow also represents a smile, indicating that those who shop at Amazon are always happy with the services of Amazon.
  3. Baskin Robbins – The delectable flavors of Baskin Robbins ice-cream is a favorite among all. Talking of its flavors there are thirty-one to be exact and that is hidden in the logo, in the curve of B and the stem of R. The fun and energetic logo also represents the feeling of the customer as they savor the taste in every scoop.
  4. NBC – The colorful peacock logo of NBC has hidden meanings that are quite interesting. When the logo was developed, color televisions were being introduced and that explains the riot of colors in it. The network wanted a logo that would convince the black and white TV owners to upgrade theirs to color ones. The six colors of feathers represent the six different divisions of NBC.
  5. LG – The logo of LG is quite simple with the two letters written in style. What is noticeable though is that it has been stylized to create a face. The L makes the nose and the G makes up the rest of the face. This gives a very humane touch to the logo, identifying it with the users, thereby making the customers feel more connected to the theme.
  6. Toblerone – The popular chocolate brand Toblerone has a logo featuring a mountain with a bear hidden inside it. The logo signifies the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland and the bear symbolizes the unique honey flavor found in their chocolates. The Toblerone is made in the ‘City of Bears’ and the logo justifies the fact well.


Handy believes that we all should deeply look at the logos of famous brands to understand what they truly want us to know about their brand. The incredible ideas behind the creation of logos are indeed extraordinary. You can learn about the benefits of branding for a business, on this website: www.lsgsisterhood.com

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