7 Ways To Prioritize Your Health When Attending College

When Attending College

Attending college can take a lot from you mentally, physically and spiritually. To keep yourself feeling well, prioritizing your health while you are studying is a must. The problem is that many students find themselves overwhelmed with academics to the point that they are not sure how to prioritize their health. If this sounds familiar, do not fret. Instead, consider incorporating some of these tips into your daily life.

1. Change Your Surroundings

Where do you spend the majority of your time? If you are like many students, there is a solid chance that you are in your dorm a lot of the time. When you find yourself spending time in only one or two places, it may be necessary to change your environment if you want to experience positive changes to your health and life overall. Sometimes, this might mean changing your physical location but changing your surroundings as far as finding a more supportive social group can be helpful, too.

2. Get Some Sunshine

If you live somewhere with long and cold winters, a large chunk of time that you are in school is during some pretty dreary months. With this in mind, find ways to get some sunshine between October and May. Depending on where you live, this might require you to take a vacation or invest in artificial sunlight. Some universities even have “lighting stations” in libraries and other areas around campus to help students benefit from more sunshine.

3. Practice Meditation

When you are drowning in the stress of deadlines, student loans and upcoming exams, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. However, finding ways to prevent that overwhelmed feeling before it takes a toll on you is key. One effective way to do this is by practicing meditation. Whether you try yoga, tai chi or another form of meditative deep breathing, slowing down and focusing on your breath is a great way to reprioritize self-care.

4. Make Time for Friends

Studying is important, but another major component of attending college is the socialization opportunity that it provides. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, there are numerous benefits to nurturing social relationships in your life. This is especially true if you are attending a school that is somewhere far away from your immediate family. Making time for friends even when you are busy with academics can offer you a support system whenever you run into problems at school.

5. Make Time for Family

With that said, it can also be good for your health to stay connected with family during the school year. Whether your family is close or far away, finding ways to contact them and keep them up-to-date on your life can offer you another avenue of support when you need it most. Plus, keeping close to family can also help boost your mental health.

6. Practice Art

When a significant amount of your time goes to research, reading books and writing papers, it can be difficult to find time for art, but there can be many health benefits to doing so. In general, art is an excellent way to express yourself, and when you are experiencing a lot of stress, it can be a safe and therapeutic way to release stress. Whether you enjoy writing, drawing, painting or making music, the key is doing something you enjoy and doing it consistently despite your busy schedule.

7. Get Moving

Another activity you should make time for regularly is exercise. If you have a busy schedule, find ways that you can implement more moving into your plans. For example, walk across campus instead of taking your scooter, try the stairs instead of the elevator and use every opportunity you can to experience the numerous exercise benefits that exist.

Because attending college can drain the mind and body in so many ways, prioritizing your health is essential if you want to be successful. Follow these tips to start feeling your best today.

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