Saturday, November 18, 2017


Wierd stuff

Gouy Zhingzhing Tests Her Breasts (5)

Gouy Zhingzhing Tests Her Breasts

A website in China challenged fitness model Gouy Zhingzhing to test the firmness of her breasts.          
Collection Of Terrible Tattoos (2)

Collection Of Terrible Tattoos

Worst tattoos ever seen.                                        
A Unique Dog (2)

A Unique Dog

Pig is a dog unlike any other. She's deformed but she's still as cute as they come.                    
Drivers Take Selfies (1)

Drivers Take Selfies As Suicidal Man Closes Highway

The LA 105 freeway selfies became an Internet hit.            
Naked Sleepwalker Statue (2)

Naked Sleepwalker Statue

A remarkably lifelike sculpture of a man sleepwalking in nothing but his underpants has made some Wellesley College students a bit uncomfortable. The president of the prestigious women's school says that's all part of...
Live Broadcasts of Other People Gorging on Food (3)

Live Broadcasts of Other People Gorging on Food

One of the latest trends from South Korea is dinner porn – people watching other people stuffing themselves with food. The Korean term for it is ‘mok-bang’, which roughly translates as ‘dinner broadcast’. They also...

Chinese Famil Lives In Ex-Toilet

Zeng Lingjun was born in a small village, in the Jilin Province of Northeastern China, but he hadn't enough money even to go to college. After he grew up, he decided to leave his...

Weird Stuff Pics

Some weird stuff spotted just recently.                                      

Stolen Train Crashes Into Home

A 20-year-old woman has become the reason of a weird accident happened in Sweden. After she took control of a train in a suburb of Stockholm, she had crashed it into a house and...

A Vampire Woman

This woman is Maria Jose Cristerna. She is a mother of four, tattoo artist and former lawyer. 90% of her body is covered by tattoos and subcutaneous implants. All these modifiers make people call...

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Turkish Engineers Made A BMW Transformer (Video)

Although we all considered that the Transformers franchise was fictional, this video proves controversal. Take a look at these photos and video! It was made by...
If Cats Could Talk (14)

If Cats Could Talk

Memorial Ash Beads (1)

Memorial Ash Beads