Sunday, July 23, 2017


Wierd stuff

Bizarre Adorned Trees

Some pictures of bizarre adorned trees.                

Gross Meals In Hungarian Schools

Really, you better eat this food before it tries to eat you.                        
Live Broadcasts of Other People Gorging on Food (3)

Live Broadcasts of Other People Gorging on Food

One of the latest trends from South Korea is dinner porn – people watching other people stuffing themselves with food. The Korean term for it is ‘mok-bang’, which roughly translates as ‘dinner broadcast’. They also...

Weird Canned Food

Strangest canned foods you've ever met.                              

170 Different Costumes Just To Say Goodbye To Son

Rain Price is probably the world’s most embarrassed son, after his father waved goodbye to him dressed in all kinds of wacky costumes, as he went away in the school bus.   For Dale Price...
A Girl With the Weirdest Habit

A Girl With the Weirdest Habit

Rebecca Brown has probably the strangest habiit in the world. In times of stress, Rebecca literally pulls out her hair. This strange trait is called Trichotillomania and for Rebecca it has been so bad...
Two-Legged Chihuahua (5)

Two-Legged Chihuahua

Meet TurboRoo, he's a chihuahua that was born without front legs but he's not letting that slow him down one bit.                              

Weird cell phone concepts

Well, here are the weirdest call phones and handsets we've ever seen.                      
Russian Social Networks Fails

Russian Social Networks Fails

This is what is happening in Russian social networks right now.                                          

Toilet-Themed Restaurant

The people of Taiyuan City in Shanxi Province should be really proud to have their own toilet-themed restaurant. Having only opened in August of this year, it has been drawing capacity crowds of diners...

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Memorial Ash Beads (1)

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