Monday, September 25, 2017


Wierd stuff

Pregnant Weightlifting Girls

These girls probably don't understand that weightlifting during pregnance is not so good for babie's health.                                        

Wedding Dress from 250 meters of Hair

Legendary English designer Thelma Madine teamed up with Liverpool hair salon Voodou to create a one-on-a-kind wedding dress entirely out of human hair.   The unique hair wedding dress was created from 250 meters of hair...

Weird Couple Tattoos

A set of weird and funny couple tattoos.                                   tatt

House In a Sewer

Miguel Restrepo and his wife have been living in the sewers for 22 years. They fitted the abandoned infrastructure with a kitchen, a fan, a television and a bed, their home is about 36...

Overweight Women Fashion Show

A fashion show held in Sao Paulo attempts to reveal the beauty of the “real” woman against traditional stick-think catwalk models.                            

Awful Car Spoilers

Collection of the most awful car spoilers ever seen.                        

Mega Sandwich

This is a really giant multi-layered super sandwich you'd ever seen. Though it looks so delicious, it seems unbelievable how a man can eat it at one setting.

Toilet-Themed Restaurant

The people of Taiyuan City in Shanxi Province should be really proud to have their own toilet-themed restaurant. Having only opened in August of this year, it has been drawing capacity crowds of diners...

Dirty Library

Funny and weird books.                          
Zombie Survival Сontest

Zombie Survival Сontest

During Zombie Survival contest on December 1, 2013 in Alameda de la Sagra, Spain, zombies have walked the streets.                              

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