Monday, January 22, 2018


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New York’s Jedi Club

Flynn Michael has created a whole club on the concept of Jedi, and teaches his trainees how to use the Force to navigate the pressures of living in New York City –...
Awkward Pregnancy Photos Ever (2)

Awkward Pregnancy Photos Ever

If you want to take really awkward photos of yourself while you're pregnant, this is how you can do it.                                      

Ivan Stoiljkovic – Croatia’s Young Magneto

Ivan Stoiljkovic, a six-year-old boy from a small town in norther Croatia, has been attracting media attention with his unusual gift of making large quantities of metal stick to his torso. Young Ivan may not...

Weird Couple Tattoos

A set of weird and funny couple tattoos.                                   tatt
A Girl With The Smallest Waist In The World (6)

A Girl With The Smallest Waist In The World

Kelly Lee Dekay did something that most women wouldn't even dream of doing. She wore a corset for 7 years so that she could have a waist similar to Jessica Rabbit from "Who Framed...

Girl Tattooed Boyfriends Name On Her Face

A weird love story has happened recently in Moscow. A Russian girl, Lesya got married with a well known Belgium-based tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz. To celebrate that moment, girl got a facial tattoo with...

Old People With Tattoos

Awesome photos of old people with tattoos.                
Woman Forces Herself to Be Fattest In The World (3)

Woman Forces Herself to Be Fattest In The World

23-year-old Tammy wants to weigh at least 420 lbs. She hopes to be an Internet sex symbol. She eats more than 5000 calories a day to achieve her goal. Her current weight is 231...

Gamer and His Girlfriend

Weird gamer and his hot girlfriend bed adventures.                                      

Weird Christmas Tree Ornaments

A set of weird christmas tree ornament pictures.                              

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Turkish Engineers Made A BMW Transformer (Video)

Although we all considered that the Transformers franchise was fictional, this video proves controversal. Take a look at these photos and video! It was made by...
If Cats Could Talk (14)

If Cats Could Talk

Memorial Ash Beads (1)

Memorial Ash Beads