Carrot-Obsessed Woman


Zizi Howell is a real carrot-obsessed woman. She’s settled for tattooing carrots all over her body.

Carrot-Obsessed Woman (1) 

She has 35 carrot tattoos in all, including a 24-carrot arm band (no, it’s not made of Gold), four on her other arm, 6 on her back and a huge one on her stomach. Her only mission in life is to have “the most carrots in the world.”

Carrot-Obsessed Woman (4) 

Every item in the Californian woman’s house is modeled after the root vegetable. Fridge magnets, tea-pots, storage boxes, dressers, soft toys, they’re all themed after carrots. She even has carrot paper-towel-holders and carrot slippers. Her home has over 1000 pieces of carrot memorabilia, and she spends five hours a day organizing them.


Carrot-Obsessed Woman (2) 

Carrot-Obsessed Woman (3) 

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