Chinese Famil Lives In Ex-Toilet


Zeng Lingjun was born in a small village, in the Jilin Province of Northeastern China, but he hadn’t enough money even to go to college. After he grew up, he decided to leave his village for Shenyang, the biggest city in northeast China.

toilets (4) 

Being a hard worker and a skilled cobbler helped Zeng make a living in the big city, and he was soon earning around 2,000 yuan (315) per month. But this wasn’t enough for him to get his own place. Six years ago, a friend tipped him off that an abandoned hotel toilet was available for rent at a very low price. He immediately borrowed the money he needed and rented the derelict toilet as his new home.

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In 2008 Zeng Lingjun met his current wife, also a migrant worker. They married in 2010 and had a baby shortly after, and until now they are living in the abandoned toilet.

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