Alcatraz Hotel


If you’ve ever been curious about life in prison, but your record is too clean, now you have a chance to actually buy your way in Alcatraz Hotel.

Alcatraz Hotel (4)It’s a four-room hotel in London that’s been modeled on the lines of the famous Alcatraz of San Francisco Bay.

Alcatraz Hotel (3) 

Once you’re checked in at Hotel Alcatraz, you can forget about being treated like a premium guest. At best, you’ll only be served the good food that prisoners in the 1950s were served. Everything else about the hotel is designed to give you a good understanding of the real deal. Guests here will be treated as real prisoners, and aren’t able to enjoy things like room service or fresh towels every day.


Alcatraz Hotel (1) 

Alcatraz Hotel (2) 


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