New York’s Jedi Club


Flynn Michael has created a whole club on the concept of Jedi, and teaches his trainees how to use the Force to navigate the pressures of living in New York City – be it a stressful workplace, a rowdy bar or a crowded subway.

New York’s Jedi Club (4) 

Michael calls himself a “sci-fi, heavy metal, over-the-top geek.” During his growing-up years in Rhode Island, he watched the first Star Wars film 32 times, and when he saw Luke Skywalker learning the way of the Force, like millions of other fans he wanted to be able to do that himself.

New York’s Jedi Club (3) 

New students are given inexpensive, factory-made lightsabers, while senior ones progress to custom sabers they make for themselves. Apart from meeting weekly, the club also performs at comic book conventions, Star Wars themed events and birthday parties for kids.

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