What Happens When You Try To Kiss A Fish (1)

This poor girl just wanted a quick kiss from this little fish, but she got so much more than she bargained for.    
Two-Legged Chihuahua (5)

Meet TurboRoo, he's a chihuahua that was born without front legs but he's not letting that slow him down one bit.                              
This Is Not The Place You Want To Work (1)

This worker will destroy this 45 ft high chimney brick by brick. Hiring someone to do this is actually cheaper than buying dynamite but it doesn't look all that much safer.      
A Girl With The Smallest Waist In The World (6)

Kelly Lee Dekay did something that most women wouldn't even dream of doing. She wore a corset for 7 years so that she could have a waist similar to Jessica Rabbit from "Who Framed...
The Mom with a Love of Demons (1)

33 year old Nikki Shelley is a housewife and mom of three but with a little makeup she becomes the most terrifying woman you will ever see.                              
Christian Popsicles (1)

Cross ice cream sticks comment on the close relationship between religion and religious bloodbaths throughout history. This piece of art was designed by talented artist Sebastian Errazuriz.            
A Man With Truly Devilish Look (3)

Caim Mortis has spent the past 11 years transforming his body with tattoos and implants. He is a popular Halloween DJ due to his scary and unusual appearance.                      
Terrifyingly Real Photos (3)

No matter how good horror movies get, there will never be anything more terrifying than reality.                              
A Unique Talent Of An Ethiopian Girl (5)

A film crew recently stumbled upon 20-year-old girl named Athy Eligidagne in Ethiopia. You aren't going to believe what she can do with her mouth.                  
The World’s Largest Mouth Owner (3)

Known as the Angolan Jaw of Awe, 20-year-old Francisco Domingo Joaquim has earned the title of “world’s widest mouth”. Francisco, known as Chiquinho, had become an Internet sensation about two years ago, when videos...

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