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Angola Prison Rodeo (3)

Angola Prison Rodeo

Louisiana's most violent criminals, many serving life sentences for murder, are the stars of the nation's longest-running prison rodeo. In a half-century, the event has grown from a small event for prisoners into a...
Soldiers and Their Children (4)

Soldiers and Their Children

Soldiers return home to meet their children.                                      
Philippines Growing Population (2)

Poor Amid Philippines Growing Population

The Philippines has one of the fastest growing populations in Southeast Asia with around 100 million people. At least 12 million people live in the capital city of Manila alone, making it one of...
A Man Has Survived on Pizza (1)

A Man Has Survived on Pizza Alone for 25 Years

They say junk food can kill you. But then you get to hear stories of people who eat nothing else and are doing just fine. Dan, a 38-year-old woodworker from Maryland, hates veggies so...
Syrian Female Rebel Fighters (2)

Syrian Female Rebel Fighters

Kurdish fighters from the Popular Protection Units (YPG) joined the “Free Syrian Army” to fight against forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.                            

Dark Vader Burger

European McDonalds announced last month the launch of a burger in honor of Darth Vader. It's been on sale in France for 3 days now, and now you can see with your own eyes...

Recent Flooded Cars in Germany

Photos of expensive cars damaged by the recent floods in Germany.                                              
London Then and Now (1)

London Then and Now

Thanks to the Streetmuseum app, anyone traipsing through the london's streets can step back in time to see what London looked like in the 19th and 20th century compared with today – all in...
Washington Welcomes Marijuana (1)

Washington Welcomes Marijuana

The Washington is poised to become the second after Colorado to allow retail sales of recreational marijuana to adults, under a heavily regulated and taxed system that voters approved in November 2012. Stores could...
“Long-neck” Women (3)

“Long-neck” Women of Myanmar

Some ethnic Kayan women, also known as Padaung, begin wearing the bronze rings on their neck and legs from a young age. Their purpose for wearing the rings is cultural identity, one associated with...

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