Haute Couture Collection (7)

A bold move by Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL to put all their runway models in flat tennis shoes for their 2014 Spring Summer Haute Couture show, but it was a bad move. Attempting to...
Modelling Academy in Caracas (3)

Venezuela's famed models and aspiring beauty queens are struggling to doll themselves up. In a country that glorifies voluptuous women and opulent beauty pageants, even basics like deodorant are now at times tricky to...

Over 15,000 outdoor sports enthusiasts from all over China assembled at a hillside near Mount Wugongshan in China's Jiangxi province to take part in the annual International Camping Festival, this September. The event, currently its...

35-year-old Lea-Ann Ellison from Los Angeles is caught at lifting weights being pregnant.                              
Those Who Lost Lives After Taking A Selfie (5)

These selfies were the last thing that these people contributed to their lives on Earth.                
Pakistani Girls Struggle to be Educated (4)

Malala Yousafzai's struggle for girls to be educated in deeply conservative parts of Pakistan led to her being shot and nearly killed by the Taliban two years ago, while her relentless campaign for women's...
Village Flooded by a Toxic Lake (3)

Copper exploitation at the mines of Rosia Poieni in the Apuseni Mountains, in Alba county, in Romania, let the inhabitants of the nearby village of Geamana to leave their homes and abandon their way...

These aged World War 2 photos have beenprofessionally restored.                                                        
What Nobody Tells You About Flying (1)

There's a lot you don't know about flying and some of these statistic are pretty terrifying. Here are the things flight attendants and pilots won't tell you about flying.                      
A Ghost Town (4)

Bannack, Montana once had over 10,000 residents, but now it is nothing more than a ghost town.                                  

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