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The Plain of Jars (2)

The Plain of Jars

In the mountains of northern Laos in Xieng Khouang province, are scattered thousands of giant stone jars each weighing several tons. The jars appear in clusters ranging from a single jar to several hundred,...
Eastern Ukraine (1)

Eastern Ukraine Turns Bloody

Armed pro-Russian activists seized police buildings in cities across eastern Ukraine a day earlier, as tensions flared between the government in Kiev and pro-Russian separatists. Two rival rallies in Kharkiv turned violent after a...
Most Useful Hair Clip In The World (2)

How Norway’s New Bills Will Look Like In 2017

According to Norges Bank, the new bill features two separate design series from two outstanding proposals submitted to the national competition held in spring 2014. The front side features a series called “Norwegian Living...
Jumbo Hostel (1)

Jumbo Hostel At The Arlanda Airport

The Jumbo Stay blends into the background at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. If you spot it as your plane rolls along a taxiway, you might notice an aging widebody jet parked by its lonesome self...
Volcano Eruption in Indonesia (1)

Volcano Eruption in Indonesia

Mount Sinabung, which has lain dormant for over 400 years, has been intermittently erupting since September 15 last year, killing 15 people and forcing hundreds to flee their homes. According to The National Disaster...
Long Distance Conveyor Belts (2)

Long Distance Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts provide an excellent mean for moving cargo and materials from one place to another. The world’s longest conveyor belt is located in the Western Sahara. It is 98 km long and transports...
Protest Against New Brussels Government (2)

Protest Against New Brussels Government

Tens of thousands of public and private sector workers, employees and trade union members demonstrated over austerity measures to be taken by the new Belgian government.                              
Spiderweb Cocooned Trees (5)

Spiderweb Cocooned Trees

An unexpected side-effect of the flooding in parts of Pakistan has been that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters.                        
Spring Storms in US (1)

Spring Storms in US

A spring storm has brought up to 3 feet of snow to the Rockies and severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to the Midwest. In Colorado, the snow that began falling on Mother's Day caused some...

Comic Sans Famous Brand Logos

Famous logos of popular brands that were recreated using Comic Sans font look quite innovative.                                                

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