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Fire and aftermath in Lærdal (3)

Fire and aftermath in Lærdal

Pictures from the fire and aftermath in Lærdal.                                
Jumbo Hostel (1)

Jumbo Hostel At The Arlanda Airport

The Jumbo Stay blends into the background at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. If you spot it as your plane rolls along a taxiway, you might notice an aging widebody jet parked by its lonesome self...
20 Puppies Found In A Box In The Woods (1)

20 Puppies Found In A Box In The Woods

Greg Zubiak wasn't expecting to find 20 abandoned puppies in a field, but when he did he gave them the clothes off his back to warm them, took them back to his truck and...

Don’t Mess With This Woman

Anna Kurkurina, a 40-year old woman who had spent most of her adult life looking after animals in a zoo when she radically decided to change her life.                                              
Eastern Ukraine Disorders (1)

Eastern Ukraine Disorders

Cities across Eastern Ukraine have been overtaken by pro-Russian protesters in recent weeks, leading the Ukrainian military to respond with force in some areas.                                  
Israeli Jews Inspect Fruit for Sukkot (4)

Israeli Jews Inspect Fruit for Sukkot

The etrog is one of the “four species” used by religious Jews for rituals during the week-long Autumn harvest holiday of Sukkot, beginning at sunset on 08 October.            

Ms. Redneck Alabama 2013

Nice pics of hotties at Ms. Redneck Alabama 2013 in Woodstock.                            
Google Rents World's Biggest Digital Billboard (3)

Google Rents World’s Biggest Digital Billboard

Google has become the first company to rent to the world's largest and most expensive digital billboard in Times Square, New York. The billboard is eight storeys high and is estimated to cost $2.5m...
Taliban Attack On Karachi Airport (5)

Taliban Attack On Karachi Airport

An attack on Karachi's Jinnah International Airport on Sunday night killed at least 28 people. The extremist Pakistani Taliban said the assault was pay-back for recent military airstrikes against them.                                            

The Smartest Schoolgirl of Lithuania

This girl is the smartest schoolgirl of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, as last Monday she received the Academic Excellence Award from the mayor of the city.      

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