Have you ever wondered what children are eating for lunch across the world? So, take a look at this set of different school lunches across the globe and learn some fascinating insights into kids’...
Human Barbie From China (2)

Meet a new Asian Barbie Girl named Yun Tang. She is 19 years old.                            

A collection of heartwarming photos of old stuffed toys captured by Mark Nixon. This photoproject showcases dearly loved and cherished teddy bears from all over the world.                                  
20 Puppies Found In A Box In The Woods (1)

Greg Zubiak wasn't expecting to find 20 abandoned puppies in a field, but when he did he gave them the clothes off his back to warm them, took them back to his truck and...

Barbie Thomas is a bodybuilder from Phoenix who suffered an accident losing both arms. She definitely stands out but her inner strength is what sets her apart.                                            

Anna Kurkurina, a 40-year old woman who had spent most of her adult life looking after animals in a zoo when she radically decided to change her life.                                              

Dr. Life’s life changed at the age of 60, when he started to take fitness pretty seriously. Before that moment he was overweight, a borderline diabetic and stressed-out.   It was when he came across a...
Incredible Body Transformations (1)

Incredible before and after pictures of people who have successfully lost a significant amount of weight.                                                  

Collection of the best trucks from Nordic Trophy 2013 event.                                              
A Car Recovered from The Sea Grave (3)

This Smart car was stolen seven years ago and it has been lying in the sea ever since. It was recently found at the bottom of the North Sea port of Wilhelmshaven. And it...

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