Russia's “First LGBT Wedding” (3)

A marriage of two brides has been officially registered in Russia’s St. Petersburg, despite the country’s laws prohibiting same-sex marriages. The couple has managed to find a loophole in the system, puzzling authorities. The...
The Making Of Universal Soldier (3)

Even soldiers like to have a little bit of downtime.                              
HeroFestival in Marseille (4)

HeroFestival in Marseille is dedicated to American superhero comics, Japanese mangas, Heroic Fantasy characters and video games universes.                              
Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships in Poland (5)

Amazing shots taken during IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships in Lomianki near Warsaw, November 9, 2014.                              
A Real Token Of Appreciation (2)

A young person helped an older woman load some things into her car and she gave him a real token of her appreciation.    
Dramatic Rescue At The World Trade Center In New York (2)

These two window cleaners got stranded sixty nine stories above New York as their platform collapsed on the side of One World Trade Center. Luckily they were rescued and managed to avoid any major...
Typhoon Haiyan Survivors (1)

People lined the roads with candles all across Tacloban from the airport to downtown in remembrance of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Residents and typhoon survivors from across the central Philippines attended memorial services,...
A Lot Of Cocaine (2)

If you're dealing drugs, eventually you're going to get caught. Your stash that was once guaranteed money will just become a prop that the cops take selfies with.      
Makeup Makes Powerful Transformations (3)

Makeup is one of the most powerful things on the planet. It can transform anyone from a natural beauty, to a drop dead gorgeous model.                              
The Consultation of Citizens of Catalonia (2)

Secessionist-minded politicians helped by cultural organisations and thousands of volunteers organised a symbolic independence vote in the autonomous community of Catalonia after Spain's High Court issued an injunction preventing a formal but non-binding referendum.                      

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