New Guinness Record for Typing Sentence with His Nose

Typing Sentence with Nose (1)

The 23-year-old Mohammed Khurshid Hussain, from Hyderabad, India, held the title of fastest typist of the English alphabet on a keyboard – just 3.43 seconds –  but that was set using his fingers. Now he’s gone and done it with his nose.
Mr. Hussain set out to break the world record for nose-typing last Thursday. His mission: to type the sentence ‘Guinness World Records have challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time’. The previous record holder was another Indian, Neeta, who finished the task way back in 2008, in 1 minute and 33 seconds.

Typing Sentence with Nose (1)


Typing Sentence with Nose (2)


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