Camel Beauty Pageant

Camel Beauty Pageant (1)

The Al Dhafra Festival is held annually at Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. The camel beauty pageant is the highlight of this festival, featuring 30,000 camels from all over the Gulf region.

Camel Beauty Pageant (1)

The judges are looking for camels with big heads, wide necks, firm ears, broad cheeks and big whiskers. The pageant is conducted in two stages – one for the light-colored Asayel breed, and the other for the dark-skinned Majahim. Unlike humans, big is beautiful when it comes to judging camels.

Camel Beauty Pageant (2)


The winners receive luxury cars and cash prizes between 18,000 and 30,000 dirham ($4,900 to $8,200).


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