Chinese Millionaire Becomes Miner


Addictions are a life-long struggle for most people, and 39-year-old Chinese millionaire, Qijang Zhang Yongqiang, is one of them.

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Zhang is the owner of a couple of supermarkets and a few other properties in China. As a rich person, he had taken to gambling and soon got addicted to it, losing up to 80,000 Yuan ($12,700) on some nights.  On one such night, after losing a huge amount of money, he realized that he needed to do something to save himself from destruction. So in 2008, the millionaire decided to put gambling behind him, and took up a job as a miner. Zhang is now a popular local figure, especially among the miners of Fengchun coal mines of Shihao town. His story has been featured in newspapers and people are deeply touched by his perseverance.

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