5 Real-Life Dolls


Dolls hold a strange power of attraction over little girls. Even some grown-up girls seem to be so infatuated with dolls that they want to look exactly like their plastic playmates. And a handful of them actually manage to achieve these looks. Here are five girls who have achieved huge fame on the internet by looking exactly like dolls.

Real-Life Dolls (1)


The 16-year-old’s photographs went viral on Asian and Arabic social media websites, because of her uncanny resemblance to a doll. Although she seems to be quite a controversial Internet celebrity, with lots of people claiming her look is just photoshopped, Dakota Rose, or Kotakoti, has lots of fans who simply worship her.


Real-Life Dolls (2)

Venus Angelic.

She is a 15-year-old from London, whose bizarre YouTube videos have made her an internet sensation. Her videos are tutorials on how to apply make-up to look exactly like an Asian doll.


Real-Life Dolls (3)

Wang Jiayun.

Wang is a 17-year-old Chinese student who became famous overnight on Korean and Chinese blogospheres about a year ago, for her life-size doll looks. Her photographs received over a million hits a day.


Real-Life Dolls (4)

Russian Barbie.

Not much is known about her, except that she is from Russia, and looks exactly like a Barbie. Like all the other real-life doll girls, her pictures are pretty popular on the internet too. But it’s not clear how she achieved these looks, or even what her name is.


Real-Life Dolls (5)


The real-life dolls mentioned above are all very young, but Angelyne is probably the original version of a real-life Barbie. Unfortunately, reality has its downside and the years have left their mark on this Los Angeles icon. She drives a pink Corvette, dresses in pink and is a pretty rare sight these days.


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