Old Stuff That Still Works


A list of ten old objects that still work.


This world’s oldest lightbulb is working for 111 years.

A 108 year old vacuum cleaner still sucking!


This 77 year old refrigerator is the oldest continuously-working refrigerator in the country.


The oldest working computer works since 1958.


The oldest working humanoid robot was built in 1950.


Britain oldest TV is working for 75 years and worth of £5,000.


Oldest traffic light works since 1932.


Oldest running hotel is Hoshi Ryokan in Japan. It has a history of 1300 years of operations, facilitated through 46 generations of family ownership.


This steam-powered car is world’s oldest running car. It was built in 1884.



The oldest continuously-operating cinema in the world is in Poland. It is opened since 1909.


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