Mysterious Real-Life Robin Hood


Since late last year, envelopes containing sums up to 10,000 euros are being mysteriously ‘given’ to those who are in need of money, in the German town of Braunschweig.

Robin Hood (1)

The donated money that’s been accounted for so far amounts to a 200,000 euros.  While the benefactor is unknown, the beneficiaries have so far “suspected” a hospice, a robbery victim, various charities, and also the family of a handicapped boy. The cash-stuffed envelopes have been left in prayer books in churches, beneath doormats and also in letterboxes.

Robin Hood (2) 

The cash donations are accompanied by clippings from the local newspaper, the Braunschweig Zeitung, carrying a story that the paper covered about the people in need.



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