Dr. Jeffrey Life – a 70-Year-Old Bodybuilder


Dr. Life’s life changed at the age of 60, when he started to take fitness pretty seriously. Before that moment he was overweight, a borderline diabetic and stressed-out.

70-Year-Old Bodybuilder (2) 

It was when he came across a 12-week fitness challenge on Muscle Media Magazine that he decided to make a few changes in his life. So he sent in his before picture as required by the challenge and started to work out big-time. After the 3 months were up, he had lost over 25 pounds and considerably cut-back on body fat, but his body could no longer hold muscle mass and began to shrink. The culprit – a condition known as andropause – involving a steady decline of testosterone levels.

70-Year-Old Bodybuilder (1) 

Dr. Life has for the past 9 years been taking regular doses of testosterone and human growth hormone. And the result is plain for all to see.


  1. i want to know what is the fitness program he followed coz i tried many programs from magazine and book but it didn’t work, i have also take supplement but nothing worked with me.


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