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A Car Recovered from The Sea Grave (3)

A Car Recovered from The Sea Grave

This Smart car was stolen seven years ago and it has been lying in the sea ever since. It was recently found at the bottom of the North Sea port of Wilhelmshaven. And it...
Becoming More Productive (2)

A Few Tricks for Becoming More Productive

With these tips you can become more efficient and waste less of your time every day.                              
World’s Coldest Inhabited Village (1)

World’s Coldest Inhabited Village

Oymyakon is the worlds coldest inhabited place. Photographer Amos Chapple from New Zealand decided to go there and capture the winter in this 500-person village of extreme weather conditions. The village holds the record...
Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” (2)

Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”

Mexican actor and screenwriter Roberto Gomez Bolanos, one of Latin America's most beloved comedians, whose slapstick acts charmed fans from Spain to Argentina for over four decades, died on Friday at the age 85....
Hong Kong Protesters Scuffle with Police (3)

Hong Kong Protesters Scuffle with Police

It has been two months since police first fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators from the main protest site in the Admiralty district next to government offices in the heart of the Asian financial...
Bhopal – 30 Years On (3)

Bhopal – 30 Years On

On the night of December 2, 1984, the factory owned by the U.S. multinational Union Carbide Corporation accidentally leaked cyanide gas into the air, killing thousands of largely poor Indians in the central city...
The Marathon International du Beaujolais Race (2)

The Marathon International du Beaujolais Race

Its 10th edition gathered more than 10,000 runners from 60 countries making their way on small roads, around and through the castles and vineyards, in the Beaujolais region.                              
Google Rents World's Biggest Digital Billboard (3)

Google Rents World’s Biggest Digital Billboard

Google has become the first company to rent to the world's largest and most expensive digital billboard in Times Square, New York. The billboard is eight storeys high and is estimated to cost $2.5m...
Himalayan Tea (2)

Himalayan Tea

Illam is a hilly district of tea gardens and estates in eastern Nepal's Himalayan region with one of its largest and most productive tea estate being Kanyam estates. The district produces orthodox tea, hand-processed...
Florida State University Shooting Victim Saved By A Backpack (2)

Florida State University Shooting Victim Saved By A Backpack

Perhaps your teachers weren't lying when they said books can change your life, or in this case, save it.                      

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