Monday, September 25, 2017

Fun pics

Fun pics, funny pictures

Cats Destroying Things (3)

Cats Destroying Things

All because cats don't care about your stuff.                        

1980’s Sci Fi Convention Cosplay Photos

Here is a collection of photos of Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society from the Westercon convention of 1980.                                

Seconds From Disaster

A few things that are just seconds from disaster.                                    
Creepy Note in Hotel Room (3)

Creepy Note in Hotel Room

If you ever come across a note like this, do what it says and just leave.        

Angelina Jolie Adoption Pictures

Funny pictures of Angelina Jolie adopted children.                

Awkward Shots

Funny, sometimes weird photos.                            

Daily Pix Mix

Fresh daily pictures.                        

Celebrities Heads Turned Upside Down

A set of fun pictures of celebrities heads upside down.                                    

Ghetto Life

You live in a ghetto if you see things like this.                                              

Funny Car Moments

Funny moments of car life that were caught on camera.                                    

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If Cats Could Talk (14)

If Cats Could Talk

Memorial Ash Beads (1)

Memorial Ash Beads