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Fun pics, funny pictures

Collection of funny church signs.                    
Don't Drink Too Much (2)

Drunk and passed out people as a reminder, that sometimes it's better to know when to stop.                                
Multitasking Like a Boss (3)

All these people have excellent multitasking skill.                                    

Daily collection of funny pictures.                                    
Wrong Number Text (2)

A guy texted the wrong number and he got trolled on an epic level.                  

Funny cats on glass pictures.                                

Maybe it had happened to you  - you buy the tickets, come to the stadium and finally miss a half of the game. Sometimes it's better watching games on TV, so you can see...

Craziest football fans from all over the world.                

A set of funny pics of security guards sleeping.                
Some Gaming Humor (2)

Collection of some hilarious gaming moments.                    

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