Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fun pics

Fun pics, funny pictures

Stupid Face Tattoos

People with stupid tattoos on their forecasts.                                                    

Funny Cat Memes

Best cat memes from 2012.                                              
Pets At The Vet (5)

Pets At The Vet

All these pets really don’t enjoy visits to the vet.                                                    

1980’s Sci Fi Convention Cosplay Photos

Here is a collection of photos of Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society from the Westercon convention of 1980.                                

Epic fails

A set of hilarious аnd thе mоst notable fails.                                  

Female Superhero Helps Beijing’s Poor

In Beijing a real-life superhero walked the streets of the city, helping out the poor. She calls herself the ‘Chinese Redbud Woman’. Dressed in low-cut black tights and wearing a blue mask, she attracted attention...
Fake Self-Help Books-Pranks (1)

Fake Self-Help Books-Pranks

Jeff Wysaski's latest stunt was to place fake self help books in an unnamed West Hollywood book store. Bearing such titles like So Your Son Is A Centaur, these books deal with some less...

Funny demotivators

A new selection of hilarious demotivators.                        

Daily Pix Mix

Collection of funny pictures of the day.                                                        

Disney Tattoos

A set of epic Disney inspired tattoos.                            

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Turkish Engineers Made A BMW Transformer (Video)

Although we all considered that the Transformers franchise was fictional, this video proves controversal. Take a look at these photos and video! It was made by...
If Cats Could Talk (14)

If Cats Could Talk

Memorial Ash Beads (1)

Memorial Ash Beads