Monday, June 26, 2017

Fun pics

Fun pics, funny pictures

Creepy Note in Hotel Room (3)

If you ever come across a note like this, do what it says and just leave.        
Stupidity Award Winners (2)

All these people should win an award for stupidity.                              
Girls That You Don’t Want to Mess with (2)

These ladies are seriously hard-core and you definitely want to keep them happy.                              
Merry Marijuana! (1)

The nascent marijuana industry in Colorado is targeting holiday shoppers with special deals much like traditional retailers offer.            
A Pure Evil (1)

Funny pictures of "Pure Evil" series.                              
Funniest 'Now Hiring' Signs (2)

The funniest 'Now Hiring' signs you're ever going to see.                            
Wost Moments for Selfie (3)

Here are the worst times to take a selfie.                              
Funny shirts (3)

Funny photos of old people wearing funny shirts.                          
Adorable Puppies (4)

These puppies are just plain adorable.                              
Strange Drivers (3)

People doing strange things while driving.                              

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