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1912 Movie Theater Rules (2)

Black and white photo series features announcements and theater rules that were shown before the start of every movie in 1912.                            
Hilarious CSS Puns (3)

Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer, created some clever puns and illustrations based on some he had seen created with the CSS language, which is used to make websites look pretty. The result is...
The Most Intimidating Muzzles For Your Dog (4)

If you take your dog for a walk while it's wearing one of these muzzles, no one is going to be messing with you.                              
Not So Rich Kids Of Instagram (1)

Not everyone is born wealth and not everyone can flaunt their good fortune on Instagram, but such people can definitely poke fun at all the rich people who love to show off on social...
The Real Face of Japanese Cutie (2)

This Japanese girl’s boyfriend was totally shocked when he saw her without makeup for the first time after three months of dating and he posted the pictures online.                        
Women Logic (2)

Some interesting and hilarious facts about women logic.                              
Don't Waste Time Trying To Understand Women (1)

Men everywhere have tried to understand women for years but it's just impossible.                              
Marry This Girl Right Now! (2)

These women all deserves awards for being awesome girlfriends.                              
This Guy Takes His Facebook Pics Very Seriously (1)

This guy takes his Facebook profile pics a lot more seriously than most of us, transforming himself into guys of different lifestyles and professions on a regular basis to look original, funny, or glamorous.                              
Guide To Sex After 40 (1)

It doesn't get any more real than this.        

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