Sunday, November 19, 2017


Creative pics and photos

Baby Mop (6)

Baby Mop

Designed by BetterThanPants, innovative “Wearable Mop” will transform your child into a “Cleaning Baby“. Soft and comfortable onesie for your baby also functions as a useful floor mop.            

Sweetest Bike In The World

The Candy Bike is designed by art student Britta Hope. It is made up of all sorts of candy, right down to the wheels, and is finished with a giant cupcake basket on the...

Hobbit Bonsai Tree by Chris Guise

This unique bonsai tree was created by a bonsai artist Chris Guise. It has a small house built into the side of a hill.                            
Brands Swapped Colors (1)

Brands Swapped Colors

Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rupolo repainted iconic logos of different companies with official colors of their competitors.                  

Sculptures Made From Honeycombs

Aganetha Dyck is a Canadian artist who has covered figurines with honeycombs and beework to reveal the intricacies of communication that exist between the two species. Dyck strategically adds wax or honey, propolis or hand-made...

House made of glass

Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio have created a very unusual house made up of glass. This concept was specifically designed to showcase the original glass furniture made by Italian company Santambrogiomilano.            
Body Art (2)

Body Art

Bodies are a tattoo artist’s canvas.                              
LEGO Art (1)


Brilliant advertising campaign features classic paintings made of LEGO bricks.            

Astronaut Bed Sheets

This cool bed sheets designed by Snurk would be a great thing for anyone who dreams of becoming an astronaut and going into space.          
Handmade Carpets (2)

Handmade Carpets

Through handmade craftmanship, multimedia artist Faig Ahmed creatively explores the ornate patterns and traditional designs of Azerbaijan carpets. He draws upon the culture and artistic traditions of the country in order to produce his...

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Memorial Ash Beads (1)

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