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Disney Sin City (3)

Beautiful illustrations by talented artist Curt Rapala show the Disney version of Frank Miller’s Sin City.              

Here are 10 of the most interesting chairs that could be found in the world — from an $11,000 seat that’s made out of sugar to a bathtub that has been reincarnated as...
Hidden Street Art (2)

Hidden messages and clever artworks sprayed with “Always Dry” coating appear only when the pavement becomes wet. They are temporary, environmentally safe, and completely non-toxic.                            
Sponge Popsicles (4)

Unique photo series by PutPut features sponges combined with sticks, that are re-imagined as ice cream.                    
DIY Table With Glow-In-The-Dark Resin (1)

Mike Warren published an Instructables project that will show you all the details that you need to know before making one of these tables. According to Warren, all you need is some wood planks,...

Collection of wooden gadgets and designs.                            
Realistic Pencil Drawings By Ramos (3)

Sometimes known as ‘xoramos661′ on the internet, Ruben ‘WestSide’ Ramosdraws amazingly realistic drawings of skulls, people, comic book characters and gems – sometimes at the same time. The colors are very vibrant, a good...
Climbing Playground Vest (1)

Innovative vest designed by Shiraishi Atsushi transforms parents into a fun climbing playground for their kids, allowing them to hang, play, climb, and spend time with their moms and dads.              

A collection of the most awesome shoes created as footwear that were designed to keep human feet warm, protected against the environment and add comfort in different types of terrain.                                      

Some good and freaky Halloween costume ideas.                                            

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