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Ping Pong Go Round (1)

Ping Pong Go Round

Multiple ping pong games made by talented Singapore based artist Lee Wen can be played at the same time or one person can play with multiple opponents.            
Tiny Bottle Lights (3)

Tiny Bottle Lights

Candles in old vine bottles are extremely romantic, though a little impractical. Rechargeable Bottle Lights are shaped like a cork and equipped with an LED light. Combined with an empty bottle, it will provide...
Coloring Books For Adults (2)

Coloring Books For Adults

Johanna Basford is the author of the coloring book for adults, and has sold more than a million copies for now. Her illustrations are enchanting and beautiful, but also more complicated to color than...
Rainy Pot Will Keep Your Plants Alive (6)

Rainy Pot Will Keep Your Plants Alive

Korean designer Jeong Seungbin from DailyLife Lab tried to imagine how interior plants feel themselves. He ended up with the idea of the nature’s intended way for plants to receive their water dose, and...
Hamburger Bed (1)

Hamburger Bed

Unique bed sheets designed by Emotional Rainbow will transform any bed into a mouthwatering hamburger. It'll let you think about delicious food while your sleep.        
Yoga Drinking Straw (1)

Yoga Drinking Straw

Yoga Straws designed by Leo Burnett cleverly promote Y+ Yoga Center in Shanghai, China. Straws were given out to customers of fruit juice bars. Perfect example of creative advertising.        
Duck Hates Mondays (1)

Duck Hates Mondays

We all have issues with the stresses of modern day life. So does Dicky the Duck, the star of Fowl Language Comics, drawn by Brian Gordon. This drawn duck has to go to a...
An Ad That Reminds Us Not To Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes (3)

An Ad That Reminds Us Not To Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes

Feminist group Terre des Femmes and Miami Ad School Europe collaborated to make ‘A Woman’s Worth’, ad campaign against judging women by the clothes. The three ads feature parts of a female body: the...
Cheeky Bus Ads Promote Colon Cancer Awareness (3)

Cheeky Bus Ads Promote Colon Cancer Awareness

This bus ad by Meredith’s Miracles and FCB ad agency suggests that you show your butt to at least one person: a doctor. You see, this is a clever ad that is meant to...
Baymax Reimagined As Disney Characters (1)

Baymax Reimagined As Disney Characters

Demetria Skye, a self-taught Scottish artist, has drawn so many versions of Baymax from Big Hero 6. You can see the big inflatable robot cosplaying as many Disney characters, including a few of the...

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