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Creative pics and photos

Infinite USB (1)

Infinite USB

Innovative USB cables designed by Gonglue Jiang can be linked together and plugged into one USB port. Each cable acts as a USB hub and opens up a port for the next cable.                
Transformers Built Out Of Scrap (1)

Transformers Built Out Of Scrap

A Chinese farmer and his son are building giant Transfomer sculptures. Made out of scrap metal and discarded car parts, these sculptures stand almost as tall as their movie originals. Using spare time, scrap...
Adorable Origami Scenes (2)

Adorable Origami Scenes

Origami works by Wenche Lise Fossland are only featured in cute scenes. She combines the Japanese art of folding paper with regular, everyday objects to create miniature scenes. So a paper elephant who would...
Surrealistic Animals Sculptures (1)

Surrealistic Animals Sculptures

Ontario-born Ellen Jewett makes sculptures that show the fusion between flora and fauna. Each piece of sculpture is painstakingly and meticulously made, dinamic and organic, if a little unsettling. The same goes for the...
Portable Cardboard Desk (1)

Portable Cardboard Desk

Innovative eco-friendly Refold desk made out of cardboard is lightweight, durable, and 100% recyclable. You can move your desk to any location. Assembly takes less than 2 minutes.          
Beauty Of Waves Captured By Ray Collins (2)

Beauty Of Waves Captured By Ray Collins

Ray Collins is really interested in the wave before and during the crash – and that‘s how we get pictures of waves looking just like mountain peaks. Caught at the top of their cresting,...
Touch And Texture Paintings by a Blind Painter (1)

Touch And Texture Paintings by a Blind Painter

John Bramblitt took up painting after he became blind 13 years ago. It can be somewhat hard without the gift of sight, but that doesn’t stop John. Using canvas with special lines on it,...
Geeky Pop Culture Tights (11)

Geeky Pop Culture Tights

Tights are a skirt’s best friend. Of course, some tights are prettier than the others, and the ones you see here are a perfect fit for the lady who wants to be quirky and...
Library with Reading Net (1)

Library with Reading Net

Unique library with reading net designed by Spanish studio PlayOffice makes traditional family library a fun place for kids.                
Coffee Art (1)

Coffee Art

These beautiful artworks are painted with coffee instead of paint. Every morning, talented artist Maria Aristidou drinks coffee and works on her next painting.                              

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