Soft Rockers – A Solar Power Stations In Disguise


Unveiled at MIT’s 150th Anniversary Festival of Art, Science and Technology, they’re the brainchild of Professor Sheila Kennedy and her team, who dubbed them “Soft Rockers”. The chairs were installed at Killian Court, in the MIT campus.

softrocker (4) 

They’re capable of creating an interactive 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system by taking into account human power of balance. The energy is stored by soft power electronics which also charge the rocker’s 12 ampere-hour battery.

softrocker (3) 

A USB platform installed on each chair allows the occupant to take advantage of the harvested energy and recharge or run their cell phone, mp3 player, speakers.

softrocker (1) 

softrocker (2) 


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