Portraits of Authors Made from Their Own Works


American artist and author John Sokol creates portraits of literary greats in which the lines of their faces are crafted from the author’s own works.

portraits (11)

G. B. Shaw as “Arms and the Man”


portraits (10)

Jorge Luis Borges as The Secret Miracle


portraits (9)

R.P. Warren as “Audubon/A Vision”


portraits (8)

James Joyce as “Ulysses”


portraits (7)

Ezra Pound as “The Cantos”


portraits (6)

Barack Obama “A More Perfect Union ‘


portraits (5)

Charles Darwin as “The Voyage of the Beagle”


portraits (4)

Dante “The Inferno”


portraits (3)

Elizabeth Hardwick as “Sleepless Nights”


portraits (2)

James Tate as “Riven Dane Ries”


portraits (1) 

RK Narayan as “The Vendor of Sweets”


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