Functional Bicycles Made of Wood


Slawomir Weremkowicz, a 59-year-old former plumber from Poland, creates functional bicycles using only wooden components. Simply looking at a piece of wood, Slawomir can already envision how he’s going to turn it into one of his bicycle parts, and using simple woodcarving tools like chisels and saws he does just that.

wooden bicycles (5)

The seat, steering, even the pedals and chain are made only from a variety of wood (oak, ash, beech and plywood) and if you’re looking for screws holding them together, don’t bother, as Slawomir Weremkowicz only uses wooden pegs. The whole process of making such bicycle usually takes about a year.

wooden bicycles (4) 

Weremkowicz’s works have been exhibited at galleries and museums in Poland, and one of them was given to the ambassador of the Netherlands.


wooden bicycles (1) 

wooden bicycles (2) 

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