Life-Size Replica of Noah’s Ark


Dutch artist Johan Huibers, inspired by Noah’s Ark from the Book of Genesis, built its modern day replica. He’s spent about $1.2 million on it.

Replica of Noah’s Ark (5)

The idea came to him in 1992, when he had a dream about his native land submerged in a flood similar to the one in the Book of Genesis. He continued to think about it until he finally did something about it. And the result is a 130m long, 29m wide, 23m high ark that he completed in 2005.

Replica of Noah’s Ark (4)

Weighing almost 3000 tons and built from Swedish pine reinforced with steel, it is quite hard to believe that ark might be seaworthy at all, but this modern-day Noah assures us it does indeed float.

Replica of Noah’s Ark (1)


Replica of Noah’s Ark (2)


Replica of Noah’s Ark (3)



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