Heavy Metal Church


Some may find it blasphemous, but for the members of Pantokrator Church in Bogota, Colombia, Heavy Metal is a form of pure devotional worship.

Heavy Metal Church (2) 

The founder of the church is 24-year-old Cristian Gonzalez, who is also a heavy metal drummer. According to Cristian, it’s perfectly normal to worship through heavy metal music, when Jesus himself got involved with people no matter what their condition – prostitutes, thieves or tax collectors. Unfortunately, not everyone shares his views on the subject and the church remains unrecognized for now. Senior leaders of various traditional churches have criticized the concept of Pantokrator. According to Fabian Marulanda, a respected leader of the Christian Catholic Church of Colombia, liturgy needs to be conducted with seriousness and sobriety, and expressions should be dignified rather than overwhelmed.

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