Creative pics and photos

Hidden Street Art (2)

Hidden messages and clever artworks sprayed with “Always Dry” coating appear only when the pavement becomes wet. They are temporary, environmentally safe, and completely non-toxic.                            
Climbing Playground Vest (1)

Innovative vest designed by Shiraishi Atsushi transforms parents into a fun climbing playground for their kids, allowing them to hang, play, climb, and spend time with their moms and dads.              
Sponge Popsicles (4)

Unique photo series by PutPut features sponges combined with sticks, that are re-imagined as ice cream.                    
"Love Is Colorful" Ad Campaign (1)

‘Love is Colorful’, an ad campaign by Zim Colored Powder, is depicting three couples – two of them LGBT – covered in vibrant powdered colors, it shows that love can bloom no matter the...
Realistic Pencil Drawings By Ramos (3)

Sometimes known as ‘xoramos661′ on the internet, Ruben ‘WestSide’ Ramosdraws amazingly realistic drawings of skulls, people, comic book characters and gems – sometimes at the same time. The colors are very vibrant, a good...
Vibrant Vintage Photos By Jack Garofalo (3)

The 70’s weren’t the easiest of decades for Harlem, especially with the exodus of middle class folk in 60’s. Nevertheless, life went on, and Jack Garofalo was there with the camera to capture it....
Pizza Slice Packaging (1)

Pizza slice boxes with cardboard handle, designed by Yinan Wang, solve the problems of greasy hands and easy storage of leftovers.              
Realistic Octopus Fascinators (1)

Kirstie ‘deeed’ Williams’ Octopus fascinators are, surprisingly enough, less hair pieces and more akin to tiny jaunty hats. The body looks very much like the real thing (the eyes and the coloring are striking),...
Coffee Shop On Wheels (1)

Buses by Leap Transit are special: instead of mass transit, they‘re aiming for comfort. The latest bus, launched in San Francisco today, is a redesigned city bus. It look more like a coffee shop...
Wire Sculptures That Capture The Curves Of The Human Body (4)

Richard Stainthorp makes some of the more intricate wire sculptures, and strikingly lifelike ones at that. The wires twist and weave until they from large human-like sculptures. Even if they lack faces or skin,...

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