Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cool pics

Cool pics

Crazy Computer and Gaming Stations

Mind blowing computer and gaming stations from all over the world.                              
100-year-old Antarctic Expedition (3)

Lost Set of Photos from 100-year-old Antarctic Expedition

Photographic negatives left a century ago in Captain Scott’s last expedition base at Cape Evans have been discovered and conserved by New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust. The negatives were found in expedition photographer Herbert...
Camouflaged Cabin In The Swiss Alps (4)

Camouflaged Cabin In The Swiss Alps

Architects Leopold Banchini and Daniel Zamarbide created this simple wooden cabin and camouflaged its exterior with concrete shell that looks like rock and brought it to the remote area of the Swiss Alps to...

Playing with clouds

Whimsical and entirely undoctored photoset by Horst J. Bernhart is simply a combination of real cloud formations with slight artistic intervention in the form of an introduced object and choice of perspective.                     clouds (11)                 
Macro Photographs of Insects (4)

Macro Photographs of Insects

Yudy Sauw, a wildlife photographer takes incredible close-up images of tiny bugs. The insects have an assortment bulging eyes and sharp pincers and look grotesque in the face-to-face shots. The miniature-models include a soldier...

Eruption of Plosky Tolbachik Volcano

A set of stunning images of the eruption of Plosky Tolbachik volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The erupting volcano has become a sightseeing hotspot for crowds of thrill-seeking tourists eager to see flows of...
Historic Photos (5)

A New Life Of Historic Photos

Who would have ever thought that history could look this good in color.                                          

The Cursed Island of Gaiola

Gaiola Island is located in the Gulf of Naples in the heart of Gaiola Underwater Park, a protected region of about 42 hectares. The island takes its name from the cavities that dot the coast...

Swimming Cities of Serenissima

Serenissima is a fleet of handmade boats crafted from junk and a crew of artists traveling around Europe.                                          

Hair Museum

Leila Cohoon of Independence, Missouri is a retired hairdresser. She is however, linked to hair in more ways than apparent. Leila collects hair art, and puts it all on display in her museum. Leila’s collection...

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Turkish Engineers Made A BMW Transformer (Video)

Although we all considered that the Transformers franchise was fictional, this video proves controversal. Take a look at these photos and video! It was made by...
If Cats Could Talk (14)

If Cats Could Talk

Memorial Ash Beads (1)

Memorial Ash Beads