Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cool pics

Cool pics

World’s Largest Ice-Cream Cake Made in Canada

Canadian company Dairy Queen has set a new world record by making the world’s largest ice-cream cake in Yonge and Dundas Square, Toronto. Dozens of chefs worked around the clock using over 9,000 kg of...

A Modern Day Pompeii

Montserrat is a Caribbean island located in the Leeward Islands, in the West Indies. It was partially destroyed when a previously dormant Soufrière Hills volcano erupted in July 1995, engulfing Montserrat's Georgian era capital...

The Most Beautiful Norwegian Blogger

Emilie Voe Nereng is a sixteen-year-old blonde blogger and upcoming singer from Norway. She writes a lot about fashion, but her looks certainly have something to do with her success.                                

Amazing sequence photography

Sequence photography is a special technique of shooting a series of images where the subject is captured in successive motion. It is a wonderful way of conveying motion in a static image. One way...

Bird’s Nest at the Clemson University Botanical Gardens

Clemson Clay Nest is a public land art installation by Bavarian artist Nils-Udo. It was constructed in the botanical gardens at Clemson University in South Carolina in 2005.   The nest was built with the assistance...
Saint Antonio church (13)

Saint Antonio church

Saint Antonio church in Portalegre, Portugal constructed by João Luís Carrilho da Graça architects. It is the epitomy of simplicity. The white colour and straight lines of the structure are considered the main features...
Guatapé Rock (9)

Guatapé Rock

"The Rock of Guatapé" aka La Piedra is a massive rock located in the town and municipality of Guatapé, in Antioquia, Colombia. The rock, which is almost entirely smooth with one long crack running top...

Transparent screen optical illusion photos

A set of photos that create a beautiful optical illusion which looks stunning and very attention-grabbing.

Watercolor Tattoos

Amazing watercolor body tattoos.                                    

Ice-Cream Cones

Some nice ice-cream cones that look really tasty.                                    

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Turkish Engineers Made A BMW Transformer (Video)

Although we all considered that the Transformers franchise was fictional, this video proves controversal. Take a look at these photos and video! It was made by...
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