The Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania


The Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania is a tomb located on the road between the cities of Cherchell and Algiers, in Algeria. It is the final resting place of Berber Juba II and Cleopatra Selene II, who were the last king and queen of Mauretania. Cleopatra Selene II was the only daughter of the famed Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and her husband Mark Antony. The mausoleum was built in 3 BC by King Juba II himself intended not just for him and his wife, but as a dynastic funeral monument for their royal descendants.

The tomb is known by various names. It is sometimes referred to as the Mausoleum of Juba and Cleopatra Selene. The French call it Tombeau de la Chretienne or “the tomb of the Christian woman”, because there is a cross-like shape of the division lines on the false door.







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