Qasr Al Haj

Qasr Al Haj (2)

One of the finest example of Berber architecture is “Qasr Al Haj”, located on the Tripoli-‘Aziziya-Al Jawf route in Libya about 130 km from Tripoli. Built with bricks and clay, this circular earth-colored building is featureless from the outside, with a door that leads to the large courtyard inside. Surrounding the courtyard are rows of small windows arranged in three stories that looks like open catacombs stacked one on top of another, or a fortified village at best.

Qasr Al Haj (6)

Qasr Al Haj was later used as communal granary and olive oil storage rooms, for villagers who did not have enough space at home to store these staples. The building originally comprised of 114 chambers, that corresponded to the number of chapters in the holy Koran.

Qasr Al Haj (1)


Qasr Al Haj (2)


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