The World’s Longest Cigar


The world’s longest cigar was rolled by cigar-maker Jose Castelar Cairo and measures 81.80 meters. He and his assistants started working on the giant Cuban cigar at the end of April and finished on Tuesday, May 3rd.

cuban cigars (4) 

So, the 67-year-old cigar rolling master has set a new world record, beating his previous one of 60 meters.

cuban cigars (3) 

Castelar began rolling cigars at the age of 14, in his native province of Villa Clara, and admits he never though he’d end up making cigars almost the size of football fields. For his next project Jose Castelar Cairo will make a cigar measuring 100 meters, and says that as long as he is alive, the longest cigar will always be found in Cuba.

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