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These Actors Went Too Far For Their Roles (2)

These Actors Went Too Far For Their Roles

These actors really wanted to make sure they played their characters to the best of their ability but some of them went too far.                              

Madonna’s daughter is a grown up now

16-year-old Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon was spotted in France several days ago wearing red bikini halter top, gray tank top, and denim cutoffs.              
When Celebrities Wear Celebrities (4)

When Celebrities Wear Celebrities

Everyone wants to be a celebrity but when celebrities become celebrities who do they look up to?                      
Jersey Boys Premiere (1)

Jersey Boys Premiere

Christopher Walken, Angelo Galasso, Clint Eastwood and other celebrities attend the premiere of Jersey Boys in New York June 9, 2014.                        

Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfit

Lady Gaga's outrageous outfit collection.                                  
The Game Of Thrones Goofy Cast (1)

The Game Of Thrones Goofy Cast

Games of Thrones is a pretty serious show but everyone needs to let loose sometimes and the cast of the show is no different.                                            

Porn Stars Before and After Makeup

Now you can see how the porn stars look without makeup. Some babes aren't looking as you expected.                              
Celebrities That Had Famous Roommates (7)

Celebrities That Had Famous Roommates

These famous friends helped launch each other's careers by making their financial burden a little bit easier.                            

Dwayne Johnson 15-years old

Have you ever imagined how Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) looked like at age of 15? Now you have possibility to see it with your own eyes on the photos below.        
"Back To The Future" cast (1)

“Back To The Future” cast: then and now

It's been almost 30 years since the original "Back to the Future" was released and some of these actors are looking like the could definitely use a time machine.                  

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