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Rock Stars Then and Now

Collection of rock stars photos then and now.                              

Tom Cruise on the very top of the Burj-Khalifa

Impressive photos of Tom Cruise sitting on the top of the tallest building in the world.                                    

Robert Forstemann And His Huge Legs

Robert Forstemann, a German cyclist, could win not only in sport contests, but also in contests among athletes with the largest thighs.                          
Fat Celebrities (2)

Fat Celebrities

Spanish artist David Lopera added a lot of curves to celebrities, ostensibly to promote positive body image. David started doing it for his own amusement, but he suddenly started getting requests from others. “Emma...
Flexible Chloe Bruce (4)

Flexible Chloe Bruce

Chloe Bruce is a world champion in the world of martial arts. She's more flexible than pretty much everyone else on the planet.                              

A Pretty Muay Thai Champ

22-year-old Russian girl Anastasia Yankova is one of the prettiest Russian female athletes and also a champion of Russia in Muay Thai.                                                            

Real Life Barbie Girls

Valeria Lukyanova (Amatue) and Olga Oleynik (Dominika) are best friends. The girls have striking resemblance to a human dolls. The girls met online five years ago and now host joint spirituality lectures at $80 a...

Paris Jackson Caught On Camera

Michael Jackson's daughter, 15-year-old Paris Jackson caught on camera.                                      
Angelina Jolie In Her Younger Days (1)

Angelina Jolie In Her Younger Days

Angelina Jolie has come a long way since these photos were taken.                  

Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfit

Lady Gaga's outrageous outfit collection.                                  

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Memorial Ash Beads (1)

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