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Jennifer Lawrence About Her Leaked Nude Photos (2)

The leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence have started the Fappening craze. First time since then Jennifer talks about the stolen icloud photos.      
Biopic Actors vs. People They Played (1)

Biopics can be hit or miss. If you get the right actor for the lead role, it can be a huge success, if you don't then it's destined to fail. These are the actors...
George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Wedding (5)

George Clooney finally did what everyone said he would never do, he got married. He married a lawyer and human rights activist named Amal Alamuddin. Their wedding took place in Venice and the stars...
Rare Photos Of Audrey Hepburn (3)

Anyone who has even a passing interest in cinema and popular culture history knows the name of iconic British actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. However, we rarely got to see her busy with her...
Kanye West (3)

Yep, it's weird, strange, and whatever, but Kanye West actually does things normal people do too.                        
Young Sharon Stone (1)

Sharon Stone was a total babe back in 1983. At only 25 years old she looked good in anything, even black and white.                          
Celebrity Facts (1)

Sometimes the stories that these celebrities tell off camera are even better than the ones they tell on camera.                          
Brad Pitt (2)

Take a look at these photos, Brad Pitt is certainly aging gracefully.  
Game of Thrones actors in real life (1)

An album of the Game of Thrones actors just being themselves.                        
Celebrity Yearbook Photos (2)

At one point or another we're all just awkward high school kids and celebrities are no different. See what your favorite stars looked like in high school.                        

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