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Supercharged 24 Cylinder Engine (5)

Supercharged 24 Cylinder Engine

This monstrous thing has 24 cylinders, 1,704 cubic inches, 12 GMC superchargers (blowers), 8 nitrous bottles. Why build such a beast? “Because I can,”, - its creator, Harrah, says. This is a V24 Detroit...
Junk Cars In Dubai (2)

Junk Cars In Dubai

Lux cars are so common in Dubai that they're often treated like junk.                                          

Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire

A Lamborghini Aventador worth $376,000 caught fire during a test drive. A potential buyer was test-driving the luxury vehicle when a fire broke out around the rear left tire. He pulled the car over...
A Homemade Lamborghini (2)

A Homemade Lamborghini

Chinese race car enthusiasts Wang Yu and Li Lintao, both in their 30s, have finished designing and making two replicas of the Lamborghini Diablo, which can reach the top speed of 310km/h, and are...

Massive Wheels

Massive wheels that you don't want to get in the way of.                                    

Anti-Zombie Car

This anti-zombie car was spotted at the San Diego Comic-Con as the best vehicle to survive in a zombie apocalypse.                                    
The Ferrari Sergio (15)

The Ferrari Sergio

The Ferrari Sergio is loaded with a 4.5L V8 that puts out 562hp at 9,000rpm and 398lb-ft. of torque at 6,000rpm which gets it from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds. Sounds like fun right? You...
Toyota Urban Utility Vehicle Concept (1)

Toyota Urban Utility Vehicle Concept

Toyota‘s Calty Design Research Studio just unveiled its brand new Urban Utility concept car – an ultra flexible vehicle with a transforming interior designed to meet the needs of today’s on-the-go makers.                        
Rich Kid's Instagram (1)

Rich Kid’s Instagram

Aleem Iqbal is known as one of the "Rich Kids of Instagram." One look at his car collection and you can see that he's living the good life.                                

Most expensive car

LykanHypersport, the Lebanese made car, that seems to become the most expensive vehicle in the world, will be presented in the Qatar Motor Show. It will be capable of going from 0 to 60...

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